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★ roses are red, violets are blue, (name of your idol) is perfect, you know it’s true ★

✿ idk man i just in love with (name of your idol) ✿


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Imagine: You sharing a photo of Nath when he was a baby.


@Y/N: Thank you to my beautiful mother-in-law for giving me this. Some things never change, @nathanthewanted  ♥image

 @nathanthewanted: @Y/N Oh God…wait! she showed you the whole album!!!?

@Y/N: hahahaha maybeee…. @nathanthewanted

@Nathanthewanted: I’m so embarrassed right now @Y/N.


AU meme → Working on your house with Jay Mcguiness



This boys voice sounds like Harry + Zayn’s mixed together. Right in he feels man. 

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ça se fait pas trop je sais svp écoutez ma cover et donner moi votre avis, c’est important pour moi : https://soundcloud.com/pxrfofariana/i-want-it-all-the-wanted-cover

merry christmas 1d


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"Music is really driving my whole life."

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AU meme → You’re in a relationship with Jay (Specially made for my babe’s birthday, Valentina :))